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Fantastic! I have news! I now have over 300 likes on Facebook (as of a few minutes ago I had just 9 short of 350 likes! For me this is amazing and when I set off blogging I wanted to just have a place to write down my thoughts on all things about books! I have very few friends who are as in to reading as I am and sometimes felt like sometimes I would literally burst if I didn’t have anywhere to just vent or write things down! Kind of like book hangover therapy for a book worm!

I have already met some amazing people on my blogging journey so far and one lady who has been such a support is author Nicola Haken and I had the absolutely pleasure of spending an amazing day with her this weekend! If nothing else, I’m forging great friendships too!

I am intending to have a daily theme to my blog very soon and will be adding a big post soon with details! In the meantime, I have a big thank you give away, including an e-copy of Nicola’s amazing book Saving Amy,which hit an AMAZING #3 on the Young Adult Downloads chart this last weekend! going on my Facebook page so anyone out there who hasn’t liked it, you can visit it here:


and thanks to everyone for your support!


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Facebook Blog has hit 300 likes!

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