So I’ve been doing the blogging now for a few weeks and am building up following on Facebook to my amazement! So to say a big thank you to everyone I’m spicing things up a bit here at ‘babe headquarters!

I’ve been thinking…(dangerous I know, especially on a Thursday!) and I want to put a bit of pizzazz (love that word!) into my blogging week in particular and have come up with this idea… How about adding a WEEKLY theme to the blog. It could be a particular genre of book, a particular Book boyfriend or Author. Occasionally, I will do spot giveaways (we all like free stuff right?!) and will celebrate milestones in my Facebook following by thanking you all too!

Now, I’ve been told that spicing things up means several things! More interaction (I’m definitely up for that!) and maybe some nice hot guys occasionally too?! I’m guessing a LOT of you followers like a good book boyfriend or two?! In fact I’m sure you do!

Soooo, here’s what I’m thinking might work:

Mancandy Monday
Kind of speaks for itself – a blow away the Monday blues with a bit of eye candy based on the weekly theme?! I’m open to your ideas/posts/pics for this too!

Teaser Tuesday
Again, based on the weekly theme I will post teasers from new releases, my faves, your faves and will welcome any teaser fan pics you may want to share too! Authors welcome too!

What a Bod Wednesday
Traditionally celebrated as Hump day but I want to give everyone incentive to get through the mid week blues with a chance to share or offer suggestions at to their favourite book boyfriends!

Think About Thursday
I may post a random though or open the floor to you the followers as to your thoughts about anything or everything!

Freebie/Focus Friday
Fancy a spotlight on an author or a particular book OR if any Author wants to join in and chat with my followers they are welcome to do so! Also I’m hoping to find a few nice freebies for you all too! Ive found some incredible authors and series by one clicking a freebie! And remember you can give something back by leaving a review too!

Show Me Saturday
This is where I’d like you to get interactive! I’ll post questions and polls on various subjects so I can get to know you all better! Don’t be shy – join in!

Slow and Sleepy Sunday
Just going to go with the flow and perhaps top a hint or two as to the following weeks theme!

If anyone has any suggestions or wants to add anything – GIVE ME A SHOUT!  I will for course keep posting on Facebook and twitter odd bits as and when I see them too!

Really looking forward to getting to know you all better!


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Spicing things up a bit!

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