Review of Always by Kindle Alexander

OMG I have just finished Always! And I’m in bits but that was AMAZING! The ending truly fitted the story and I told you not to worry!!! Don’t ever doubt yourself! I’m just off now to have a full on ugly cry for a bit! Congratulations and thank you for being so amazing!!!

This was my reaction to Kindle herself just minutes after finishing Always and now several hours after the feeling is still the same. Kindle has done it again by creating an utterly unique and amazing tale of love. I was pulled into the story of Avery and Kane from the fist page and loved the way in which Kindle has recounted their beautiful story.

Without spoiling the experience for anybody reading this for the first time (and it truly is an emotive and stunning experience) I’d like to tell you a little bit of why I was so blown away.

Kindle has created two amazing characters that both engage you from the beginning. Avery, a strong willed and ambitious chap who has is sights firmly set on following his family’s legacy of a political career but will not compromise on his sexuality. Then we have Kane, a restaurant owner and the softer and more sensitive son of a preacher who has been ousted from his real family since the moment he came out. I fell instantly in love with both of them!

The style and time perspective in which their tale is written made this book an utterly outstanding read for me. I loved the time span of the story that deepened the connection I felt I had with both Avery and Kane. I felt totally invested in their story and by the time I got to the end, they were as good as a part of me.

This has been an emotional journey with two genuine characters but also a pretty hot read too. In and amongst the trials and tribulations of the lives Avery and Kane, their physical relationship is nothing other than sizzling! And who doesn’t love a bit of steamy bedroom action too! A lot of books I have read hold too much weight on the physical aspects of the characters relationships but this time it has done nothing more than cement my adoration of this amazing couple.

It has also been a real rollercoaster of emotions for me too in sharing this journey with Avery and Kane. I have laughed, cried, recovered and cried some more. And when I say cry, I’m not talking of a lump in my throat, eyes welling up and the odd tear slipping but for the most part, full on chest heaving sobbing. To illicit that kind of response in me it takes something pretty special and Kindle has knocked this one out of the ballpark for me. And the ending for me was just the perfect ending to the perfect story. I’ve utterly loved this book, almost more than words can say. If I could rate this with a thousand stars I would but it gets a full 5 mind blowing and heart aching stars from me!

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Always by Kindle Alexander Five Star review

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