Conklin’s Blueprints by Brook Page

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I want a Tyler! That is all!


Holy wow! I think I may have just found my next favourite book boyfriend in Tyler Conklin!


In this book we meet Becca a brokenhearted trainee architect from a priviledged background, who as well as starting a new job is turning over a new leaf in her life.  After being betrayed by her ex and her ex best friend she spends a year living it up but soon realizes it’s not the life for her.  A chance encounter initially brings her to the attention of Tyler who has his own dark secrets and hidden issues and this story is a truly gorgeous story of finding love and overcoming pasts.  I found myself utterly immersed in the developing story and loved the balance between the passion of Becca and Tyler but also loved the ups and downs of their story too.


Becca is portrayed through the book as being a sweet, meek and mild character you can’t help but like and you do feel sorry for her and her issues with self image and her annoying habit of trying to please everyone but to her own cost.  I personally identified with a lot of the emotions that she went through throughout the book.  You can’t help feeling that in a lot of ways the world is against her and I was rooting for her and felt every emotion she went through.  Although some of her choices made me a little mad at times I did whoop with joy at the end – and not for the reasons you are probably thinking either!


Tyler, well without spoiling anything, I just LOVED him. End of.  He is portrayed as a really romantic caring guy at times but with obvious issues too and it takes a lot for him to open up and be the man Becca wants and needs him to be.  Again though there were times I felt like leaning into the book and slapping him one but he always seemed to do something to redeem himself to me!


The chemistry and attraction between both Becca and Tyler is amazing to behold but don’t be under the illusion that this is a happy straight-forward romance novel.  It will have you laughing, crying, groaning in utter frustration and will keep you gripped until the bitter end.  So much comes between them and you will be left wondering whether they will actually make it through.


I also loved the other characters in the book too and loved how each of them had shaped Becca and Tyler into the characters from which they both fought hard to break free.


The ending leaves you satisfied but with a lot of unresolved questions and I SERIOULSY cannot wait to read Conklin’s Foundation – the Prologue is in the back of the book and my attention was seriously sparked after reading it!


5 Freakingly amazing stars!



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FIVE STAR REVIEW of Conklin’s Blueprints by Brooke Page

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