Review of Never Let Go by Nicola Haken

WARNING shares in Kleenex needed. And I’ve devoured at least two tubs of Ben and Jerrys whilst reading this amazing finale to the Take My Hand series.

What a climax it has been and the perfect ending to a series I have been divested in for a few good long months. Nicola has pulled it out of the bag in Never Let Go and all loose ends are tidied, put away and filed neatly leaving you with an full heart and empty eyes!

The romance between Emily and Dex has blossomed and is finally on the right track only to be blown apart by Chris’s announcement. Dex finally grows and develops into the man we all knew he could be and steps in to be the pillar that Emily needs. Life isn’t easy and although their story finally heads in the right direction you still feel every battle Dex has to stay clean and be the man Emily needs. It’s real and heart wrenching but it really endears him to me more for showing his vulnerabilities.

Rachel and Jared find their way in life and bring to the story the humour we have grown to love from the pair. Impending parenthood for the couple brings with it a whole bunch of Jared-isms that at times had me in utter stitches! I love Jared and Rachel!

This brings us to Chris, Emily’s brother and only close family member. Tragically he is ill and it is inevitable from the outset he won’t make it. This adds a huge dimension to the final installment of this series and brings with it some pretty huge secrets and revelations. You will have to read it to find out what Nicola throws at you but be aware there are a few twists to come!

And finally let’s not forget Aunt Sarah, bless her, Dex’s rock and the apple of his eye. She finally gets to see him grow up and also finds happiness herself. She has been such an important rock for him it really warmed me to think she was well looked after by Nicola too!

This was truly a great ending to a great series and even though Chris was never destined to make it, even his end was truly dignified. I’ve laughed, I’ve cried and I’ve finished feeling totally satisfied too! I miss these guys….

Well done Nicola and a massive 5 out of 5 AWESOME stars!

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Five AWESOME stars for Never Let Go by Nicola Haken

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