KK Finding SpencerWhen I heard that Kimberly was adding a series of novellas to the fantastic B&S Series I was over the moon. Then to hear that they were going to be from Brandon’s perspective, well that made my heart soar!

I loved the story from Spencer’s point of view in Where I Need To Be but to be treated to a big glimpse of the story from within Brandon’s mind has been a real treat. I have just finished reading my review copy of Finding Spencer and have utterly fallen in love again with Brandon. He fights hard and loves harder and to see what we see through his eyes has reaffirmed and reinvented the story for me!

I love that we see a lot of the key scenes between him and Spencer in Finding Spencer but it is refreshing to see how he reacted and felt. There are also gaps in the original story that are filled too as we get to see what happens when Brandon is away. I melted at times listening to his side of things and just how he felt about Spencer seriously had me in puddles! Don’t get me wrong, he’s sweet and caring but hot as hell too! I must admit this novella comes with its fair share of steamy scenes too and oh my god if I didn’t love him just that bit more for trying to hold out and keep to the three-date rule. You just feel for the poor guy and his sexual frustrations in the beginning!

I love the man banter with Jason too and his relationship with Becca in particular was very sweet. And his take on Christy, well all I will say is that if you hated her before, then you’ll absolutely loathe her after this!

One other thing I really liked was that, although we know the story already, Kimberly has highlighted the major scenes in Brandon’s POV but in no way does she totally re-write the entire book. Its not needed but what you do get is a glimpse of the man himself that will make you fall hard again!

I cannot wait for the next novella in this series and well done Kimberly on an amazing addition to the series.

Five stars doesn’t seem to be enough to truly appreciate being in Brandon’s head for a time!

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FIVE STAR Review of Finding Spencer by Kimberly Knight

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