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It is a long time since I have found myself being drawn to reading a murder mystery thriller and I was intrigued when I read the synopsis for this one! W S Greer, in his fantastic debut novel, introduces us to Jarrod Grainger, a womanising homicide detective in the Anchorage P.D. who is in need of a big break to save his flagging career.

The book relates to Jarrod and his hapless Assistant Misty being given the lead in the solving of the murders that have been committed by “the Tongue Snatcher” and he is in need of pulling one out of the bag to save his failing career. Then add a touch of romance in to the mix in the form of an intriguing redheaded and tattooed lady, Stacey that he meets by chance one evening but is she all she appears to be?

The relationship he strives for with Stacey adds to the intrigue of the plotline and the more we get to know of Stacey the more we question whether or not she may know more than she is letting on. I think that this added a new dimension to the story that really worked.

The fast paced plot-line managed to jerk you to a halt and throw you in different direction with each page turn. I couldn’t put it down and finished this book in one day.

Even though at first I really disliked Jarrod, you soon feel sorry for him as his work life, his social life in the shape of his hilarious friend Marcus and his attempts at getting together with Stacey all seem to be failing miserably. You want nothing more than him to find happiness with her but so many obstacles get in their way and they never seem to just quite make it.

I really enjoyed the ending to the book and again I am not going to give anything away except for the fact that I thought I had the whodunit bit sorted out from a fair way in to the book. How wrong was I?! Great ending to a great book and the conclusion ties up all the loose ends of the investigation and also of Jarrod’s life!

I really enjoyed my re-introduction into murder mystery and would love to read more in this genre from W S Greer!

5 Amazing stars!

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Five Star Review of Frozen Secrets by W S Greer

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