Ok, so this book has been quite surreptitiously sitting on my Kindle lurking for sometime. Having a “to be read” list as long as my left and right arms together I just hadn’t got around to reading this until several recommendations from book friends came in.

And what a read it was! I am writing this review within minutes of finishing the book and my head is still spinning.

Aside from it being a major departure from my normal reads, it is a spin-off from another book of Ella Frank’s, Edible, which I haven’t yet read so I was initially a bit apprehensive about reading it!

Be under no illusion this is one very hot read and the fact that we are reading a very steamy love story written about two very masculine leading men should not put you off at all. Anyone with the slightest of nervous dispositions, though, may need to sit down for the duration of this book! Oh and a cold shower or two may be in order as well!

This book had everything. Hot male leads, a solid story, interesting peripheral characters (and some of those characters already have their own story that I’m now very anxious to read) and some extremely graphic scenes.

The male leads; Logan and Tate are portrayed as being very different, yet, have amazingly attractive qualities. And if you asked me now which I prefer I would honestly say its like you asking me to choose a favorite between my children! It is impossible!

Logan, a snappily dressed lawyer, comes across as a cocky, arrogant hot-blooded male who obviously never likes to take no for an answer. You can imagine him being the dominant partner in any relationship. His quick-witted flirtatious dialogue will have you laughing out loud and sometimes he is so brash and outgoing you almost squirm. But he knows what he wants and will not stop until he has it. I did feel a little at times that he was almost desperate and verging on stalker-ish but the more you read into the book, the more you are endeared to his ways and hope to learn why he pursues Tate like he does.

Now Tate, he is the straight, bike-riding, curly-haired bartender who knows how to flirt with his customers for tips. He’s obviously no stranger to flirting with men either and even goes as far as daring to flirt with Logan to boost his tips. Soon he realizes that perhaps the innocent flirting may be leading him down a path he may not be ready for though. Initially he seems to be the underdog in the story and initially I did feel a little sorry for him being pursued so menacingly by Logan. However his character soon changes and the steps in his sexual awakening and realization are something quite amazing to read. That journey for me was something I was more than happy to share with him.

I am used to reading a book and being able to identify or almost become the female lead in my own head. I somehow manage to read this book without realizing that the female lead is missing and that didn’t bother me at all. Its almost like a two for one in the hot male stakes and I’m all for a bargain! I also thought that the dual perspective of the book also worked really well and helped me to identify, sympathize and feel every emotion with both characters at every stage!

This is the first part of the Temptation series and the next book is due out in the summer. And what a cliffhanger we are left with! I cannot wait for the next part of Logan and Tate’s story!

5 Sizzling stars!

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Five star review of Try by Ella Frank

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