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Here is my review of Saving Amy, a dark read but wonderfully written.  It is also FREE for the next three days on amazon, links below!


Saving Amy is the first book I have read from author Nicola Haken and what a baptism of fire it is!

I am quite a sucker for angst ridden stories that aren’t full of hearts and flowers and sometimes you need a good bit of depressing and a mighty slice of reality to pull you from the dreamy romantic stories I have read recently.  And this is the book that does that perfectly.

Amy (Amelia) has led a difficult life.  Only one person, her friend Julie, has been there for her through the years of neglect, abuse and self-harm.  And even Julie only knows the tip of the iceberg.  I instantly felt sorry and deeply regretful for Amy and although her reaction to her situation is extreme you can fully sympathise with her choices in life even if it is something you cannot yourself identify with.

As her story progresses so does her reaction to her life.  Drugs and random meaningless hook-ups are her only way of escape along with her self-harming.  And yes, she is young, but I dare anyone who may have experienced the similar, not to react in some extreme way or another.

On the evening that she finally breaks, enter Dr Richard, a young doctor who finds her unconscious on the pavement and takes her in to care for her.  He’s a bit older than her but is pretty hot in the doctor stakes and it doesn’t take much for her to become attracted to him. Good looks, caring attitude and a history of his own that immediately makes him compassionate towards her are a recipe for a good romantic thread in the chaotic and depressing story.

Richard is not perfect, but who is? But one thing is for sure he sees something in Amy that goes beyond the broken shell and realises that he can and wants to care for her more than anyone else in her short life.  And that is something that she needs.

The plot is dark and heartfelt and at times very difficult reading.  Amy inevitably fights her feelings and tries to distance herself from Richard but he persists and even though he makes some stinking mistakes himself, you can’t help but root for him.  And above all you really feel like Amy deserves a break and hope that she can be put back together before it really is too late.

I really enjoyed reading this book despite the intense subject matter and to the extent that it was a page turning story with a hefty dose of reality, it was also a very difficult read too.   Tissues are a necessity to accompany this book and it isn’t the sort of book to read if you are expecting a sappy romance.  However, it touches on a lot of sensitive subjects and isn’t afraid to make you think.  I particularly applaud how Amy’s parents especially her father, Mr Hope is portrayed and I felt the quiet creep emerge from the pages every time he appeared.  Her mother has obviously suffered and something also in her past has caused her to be the alcoholic shell of a person she was.  Things are explained as the plot progresses and I also liked the ending and the revelations that come out as quite a twist in the tale at the end.  This was refreshing and did in fact explain quite a bit of the history of all involved.

The epilogue was a nice way to round off the story but I don’t want to give too much away.  The ending before the epilogue did leave it open slightly for perhaps a further book to explore the intervening six years and some of the relationships that were hinted at!  I won’t say much more other than it would have also been nice to have a bit more from Richards family too although this story was mainly about Amy and her journey.  Having said that it was a really eye opening read and I thoroughly enjoyed the journey that it took me on!  It’s definitely one to try!

Five very emotional stars

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Saving Amy by Nicola Haken review and free to download for this weekend only!

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